Monday, July 11, 2011

I don't pee standing up.

I live with a Manist. He thinks men are better at EVERYTHING.  In fact, check out this piece of art that adorns our walls:

One time, I vandalized it and it took like a week and a half for him to notice:

I ignore his sexist pig-ism most of the time but sometimes he actually says things of value that make you think. Since I can remember, my boyfriend has always said the problem with women's sports is that women themselves aren't fans of women's sports.

I have to agree.

Much to my embarrassment I had no idea it was the Women's World Cup.  I actually asked when I saw the USA USA USA chanting on Facebook: "is it men's or women's?"  So maybe I'm not a soccer fan more than anything (although I love to play the sport) but what's funny is that I searched my phone's News app to read about the USA victory 15 minutes after the win and it was no where to be found. ....huh!?

This game is potentially being heralded as one of the greatest comebacks in SPORTS history... not WOMEN'S sports history. But why does it have to be a head shot to the net in the 122nd minute or an ill-tempered college athlete to make headlines?

We hear about men's stats all the time like Jeter's 3,000th hit, a feat that some 28 other people have achieved. On that note, I'm pleased that Jeter took a backseat to Abby Wambach this weekend but I'm discouraged that this is the way it is (see Words with Friends for other annoying phrases).

Women's sports don't have to be the Taylor Swift to men's sports' Kayne. We can make a deal to make a big deal about our daughter's, mom's, and sister's achievements as much as we make them about the guys. Women's sports equality will be an uphill battle. And truth is, we will continue to constantly fight for headlines that aren't once-in-a-lifetime come-backs or shitty news obsessions with  female athletes behaving badly.

If one thing is for sure, it's that we will fight fair with the kind of integrity, humility, and strength we saw this past weekend: "This isn't good enough, we haven't won anything. We won a game, and that's it. [...] Obviously, we have two more big games coming up," Wambach said, "but this gives you the kind of confidence that just makes you feel like you can fly. I'm proud to be a part of this."

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